Are you looking to relocate for work, study or just a fresh new start?

Do you have a destination in mind?

Are you looking for a place that suits your career, your interests, personality, and has your preferred weather?

Through Lilly Ve Global, I will  share my experience as an expat and assist you with the pros and cons of relocation. We will discuss the socio-economic aspects, as well as culture and personal factors associated with moving abroad.

We will also focus on the practical aspects of relocation, depending on what country you choose. I specialize in Canada and Italy; however, services I offer target the deeper aspects of relocation and therefore, it is applicable no matter where you are thinking of moving.

Relocation is the external part of the journey and often goes hand in hand with a desire to redefine yourself, changing the environment you are in, looking for new job opportunities, and possibly finding more confidence in yourself while growing personally through change. As you can imagine, this process does not come without sacrifices!

For those of you who are interested in a short- or long-term move to further your studies or career or to participate in short-term cultural programs, please contact me and we can discuss options. I have spent several years researching these areas in terms of work-life balance, quality of life, safety and social connectivity. But, before deciding to make a move, let me help you identify your motivations for relocating.

The first step in the relocation process is to identify the WHY behind your desire to relocate. We will discuss the physical, mental and emotional energy that goes into leaving a familiar environment for a new and unfamiliar one. Through this process, we can determine if moving is truly the best decision for you right now in your current context. Once we have established if moving is the right choice for you personally and professionally, we will move forward with logistics planning.

Does your desire to move stem from a lack of opportunity, such as a lack of jobs in your field, a poor economic situation in your country, or a need to get away from a broken relationship?

Are you looking for a fresh start?

What if you realize that the desire to move is a symptom of a deeper dissatisfaction that might resurface in your new location?

If you feel overwhelmed or unsure about the many uncertainties in relocating, for both emotional and practical issues, feel free to book a complementary 15-minute consultation.


The Benefits of working with LillyVe Global

Using my relocation services will help you gain clarity about whether you truly need to relocate and if that will actually improve your current situation. Together, we can work through questions to help you evaluate your motivations for wanting to move.

As a relocation expert, my goal is to support you in exploring key questions BEFORE the move and to help determine whether relocating will truly benefit your life in the long run.

Rather than focusing exclusively on the where, when, and how, I will help you discover the WHY behind your desire to seek an international living experience at this time in your life.

When you think of a relocation consultant, you might think of agencies that tackle the practical aspects of a move. I can direct you to local resources. I can also help you discover which universities make sense to apply to if you are considering a graduate degree, what the options are for study or work visas, which immigration firms can assist with paperwork, etc. Most importantly,  you will need to understand the cultural, social, and political aspects of the country and location you are considering. I will help you connect with groups of expats that live in the country you are considering relocating to.

I will help you explore the WHY behind your move and then determine the location that affords the highest probability of success based on your interests, strengths and values. We will explore these issues together with empathy and mutual respect.

The Process and Timeline

Prior to starting the consultations, you will receive a questionnaire that will help you to outline your objectives.

For prices, please check the price list for individual online sessions and packages that are offered on a regular basis throughout the year.

We will begin with a free introductory session where we can get to know each other and begin to establish your redefinition and/or relocation goals. Sessions are 50 to 60 minutes long. At the end of each session, you will decide your action items for the following week, as well as when and how frequently you would like to meet with me. This will be part of our consulting contract.

All individual sessions are conducted online via zoom or a similar video platform. I can accommodate your time zone.  All sessions are completely confidential. Sessions can be recorded upon your request as a client.

All information shared during sessions will remain private in accordance with client confidentiality and privacy laws.

Throughout our time working together, we will schedule regular check-ins regarding progress on your weekly goals. Longer-term goals of one to twelve months can also be established and we can work towards them together. Typically, clients are advised to start with small, manageable goals and increase the scope as they begin to feel more confident about what they wish to accomplish.

I will help you to be accountable for the action items/tasks you set for yourself each week and I will support you on your path to success.

Please refer to the “schedule session” link for specific details, prices, packages and discounts.


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