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The Vibrant You!

Lilly Vercellotti

Redefining Childfree and Single

You are not broken and you are not withered. You are vibrant, beautiful, and valuable.



Those who know me know that I have major issues with aging! I am young at heart, even if the number of candles on my birthday cake increases each year. I think of life in stages of learning rather than the number of years my body has lived. We can learn something new at every stage, and that experience of learning provides new wisdom to live a fuller life than before.


Some may wonder, “How can I do that?” In the past, I often questioned how a single woman who is childfree by circumstance could live a vibrant, beautiful, and valuable life. That is, until I realized the answer.


The only thing you need is mindset!


How you see yourself is what the world projects back. If you feel old, hopeless, and missing something in life, that energy can bounce back to you. You may see it reflected in conversations with friends and family, in the opportunities that present themselves to you, and in the choices you make each day.


However, if you take all of your past experiences – both good and bad – for the wisdom they provide, you will start to see them as they are: a combination of incidents that enriched your life,even if they’re difficult or painful in any way. These experiences are your life toolkit; you can use these newfound tools in future chapters of your life to pursue new goals, paths, and experiences.


Now, don’t get me wrong: emotions are powerful, and it takes time to build up this kind of mindset. There will betimes when nothing feels right, but through healing and compassion, it eventually will.


I am fortunate to have friends in all age groups, including my 3rd cousin who just turned 100 this April! So, I know that although good health isn’t guaranteed as we age, everything else can be done to develop a strong and healthy mindset.


Make the choice to feel beautiful inside and out at any stage of life. Continue to engage in projects that bring value to you and your experience of the world we live in. And if you need a helping hand to direct and guide you to a healthier mindset, I am always here to offer aid.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you want to take back control of your mind and see yourself as the vibrant you that you are!


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