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Meet LillyVe Global

Lilly Ve Global came about through the combination of my vision as a citizen of the world and my experience as an expat living in various countries.

My expat journey includes 10 years in the United States, 2 years in Switzerland and 12 years in Canada as an entrepreneur. It also includes shorter stays as a volunteer in Thailand, Belgium and Tanzania, with numerous travel destinations in between.

I consider myself a global citizen who is bilingual in Italian and English. I was born and raised in the region of Piemonte, Italy. I am from a small family of farmers, and the first in my family to earn a university degree.

I have experience in a variety of professional roles, ranging from the nonprofit sector to real estate. Some of my previous roles include research and community development in NGOs, managing short-term rental properties, and coaching women leaders in the nonprofit sector.

My graduate degree is in nonprofit management and I am a certified executive coach.

I offer relocation consulting for women who are considering studying, working or volunteering abroad on either a short-term or long-term basis. I focus on countries and regions where I have lived and have established networks of specialists that I can refer you to.

My other services include redefinition coaching and motivational speaking.

If you are driven, have a deep sense of gratitude for life and are ready to redefine yourself, I can help you to strategize in a way that capitalizes on your strengths, tackles any roadblocks, and identifies what is missing so you can move forward with who you truly want to become!

Let’s put aside society's expectations and push ahead with your own expectations!

We Celebrate Us

We Celebrate Us is a community of women ages 30s to 50s who are single and childfree, either by circumstances or by choice. I created this Facebook group to foster conversations and strengthen women  when they might not fall into conventional expectations of society.




These are the values that I adhere to in my personal life and in my coaching practice


It is important to cultivate authentic, genuine relationships wherever you are in the world. Whether it is about staying connected to family and friends long distance or making new friends and building community where you are, I can guide you through that.

Finding and building community, regardless of whether you have lived in the same place all your life or just moved to a new location, I believe is a fundamental ingredient for emotional well-being.

Being Authentic

It is essential to be honest with yourself and others, both in business and in personal life. If you can't identify how you feel and let that process unfold, and if you hide, deny or dismiss your feelings, they will resurface—sometimes in unpleasant ways—no matter where you are in the world. Sometimes, it takes time to know ourselves. 

By identifying your feelings, you will determine if a move will truly help you satisfy your needs and meet your goals or if something else needs to be done.

Fostering Determination

Happiness can be achieved when we are driven by our goals, visions and talents and we work towards them with confidence and planning. While sometimes it is necessary to make a course correction, the common denominator is to know yourself and what you love and are passionate about in life. There are many ways to kindle or rekindle confidence and hope through any situation.

Ethical Leadership

Making good decisions is  based on honesty with yourself and others in personal and professional life. I encourage trust, integrity, accountability, mutual respect, and fairness in my practice.

Having Gratitude

It is key to have gratitude for who you are and to recognize daily blessings. As Steven Hawking said, “However bad life may seem, “there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there’s life, there is hope”.

Healthy Lifestyle

It is important to treat our body, mind and spirit with respect and to recognize that a healthy lifestyle can support you in making clear and better decisions. While I do not coach on healthy living, I can provide recommendations of other practitioners who can assist you.