Public Speaking

By sharing my story, I hope to inspire women to take charge of their lives, to look inward and plan outward, and to not hold back when it comes to what they really want.

One of the most rewarding ways for me to reach a broader audience has been through guest speaking events. I have been a guest speaker for various relocation agencies and women’s groups.

Life is too short to not turn your dreams into goals, and too precious not to live it to the fullest.

Please visit the media section for my interviews that cover subjects such as expat life, cultural and socio economic aspects of relocation, and or living as an independent childfree woman by circumstances.

In some of my interviews, I share my redefinition story and challenge society’s “traditional” expectations, where childfree women are sometimes judged unfairly.

I also discuss the amazing community of trailblazing women who are helping to reshape societal expectations and to showcase that not every woman can or wants to follow the traditional path of having children. Although I love family, I want my audience to know that not having children does not diminish their self-worth or their valuable role in society.

 I am available for interviews, TEDTalks and other public speaking events. 
get in touch to book me for a speaking engagement.

“Liliana is dedicated and committed to finding individuals personal goals and works strategically to help reach those goals. She is easy to talk to and shows genuine intrest in her clients personal success. Liliana knows how to keep you thinking and inspires you to look at each situation from many angles to help you achieve your goals.“

Chloe Kilkenny

“Liliana is a fantastic active listener and I appreciated the ways she was skillfully able to make connections between each of our sessions and tie them back to overall themes I was hoping to see in my development. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.“

Jennifer Carreiro

“Liliana is an exceptional coach who cares deeply about assisting her clients. She coaches in her own unique style, in a way that is practical and down-to-Earth. Liliana creates structure and framework for those who may feel lost in their lives, who are imaginative and facing many options, and who are seeking to make sense of what action to take next. She listens and empathizes with finesse, and is very open-minded.  She relates well to the client, creating a warm environment with healthy boundaries. Her questions are gentle, yet thought-provoking, and re-frame the client’s perspective, resulting in healthy change and successful growth.“

Erin LeGresley

“Liliana was professional, trustworthy and was consistent in looking for new opportunities for my personal and professional growth.“

Nicole Minions

“Liliana is extremely competent and has a strong work ethic. She passes on information of great value and is absolutely easy to talk to. Highly recommend her services, remarkable professionalism and dedication.“

Tiziana Lorusso


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Redefinition Coaching

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